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Service Cloud Voice: Combining Telephony and CRM in Real Time

Service Cloud Voice: Combining Telephony and CRM in Real Time
September 20, 2020 Linta Matthew

Service Cloud Voice: Combining Telephony and CRM in Real Time

The Salesforce Service Cloud Voice has been set to “unify voice calls, digital channels and CRM data in real-time, for the first time.”

Really? Is that really possible?

Here’s exactly what Service Cloud Voice can offer this and how to get it on your org.

We should begin with why use Service Cloud Voice and what problems it can solve?

In this digital age, when a customer can interact with a company using 10 different channels they will demand and expect a seamless, consistent customer service regardless of the channel they choose. This in turn places a huge amount of pressure on companies that are always scrambling to modernize their service centers based on customer needs. Companies have seen huge strides in the integration of email, chat and social media while voice has lagged behind.

Image Credits: State of Service Report

This is definitely not a good thing especially since voice is the second most popular channel that customers use to access support.

This is where the Salesforce Service Cloud Voice will help. It will bring together telephony, digital channels, and CRM data in one unified console so agents can deliver an efficient and proactive service.

The Service Cloud Voice has so many benefits.

  1. It integrates telephone services so that sales agents can now do everything on a single centralised console without the need to toggle between tools and multiple screens.
  2. The Service Cloud Voice has automatic transcription capabilities which means no more manual notetaking or typing up notes after a call.
  3. It also provides a complete view of every customer’s details and with every detail at their fingertips, agents can take care of the customer queries quickly and proactively.
  4. With this service, managers also have the ability to monitor calls in real-time and provide support and coaching.

Are there any limitations?

  • It is not available in Classic.
  • It is not available in Salesforce Mobile
  • It is only supported on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.


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