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Power up your productivity with Einstein Search

Power up your productivity with Einstein Search
September 16, 2020 Linta Matthew

Power up your productivity with Einstein Search

Being a good admin is all about working more productively and smarter. Salesforce has helped to work easier with a big boost in the search functionality with results that are more useful to how your users work in Salesforce.

Einstein Search is a powerful tool and it will boost your productivity by a large scale.

If you haven’t yet checked it out, you should, but please keep in mind, Einstein Search is still in Beta, and is only available for some customer environments.

First, let’s check out what it really is.

As you know, Salesforce deals with so many records and it would be so helpful for you to search results that are customised to the unique way your users work in Salesforce. With personalized search, your users will get results that match the geographical locations, industries, statuses, product areas, and customers that matter most to them.

For example, if Paul covers the accounts in Seattle, or Ann is interested in accounts in New York, Einstein search boosts records with those traits in the search results.

Just start typing in the global search box and the advanced Einstein Search will give you instant access to quick links, record previews, actions and suggested searches. You can guess how this can really help you get work done faster. The best of it all is that you can use search result layouts to customize what your users can instantly access.

With the help of “Einstein Search” you just have to type in the search box and press enter to see a recommended result.

Einstein Search will also help your users instantly access lists of records with all the right filters directly from the global search box.

For example, if a sales rep Ben in “my open opportunities in California”, Einstein Search works like a human would. The search results will show every opportunity owned by Ben that has an open status from his account in California. Isn’t this an awesome way to quickly access important data when you can’t find a report or don’t have time to create one.

Important things you should know about enabling Einstein Search Features.

  • Einstein Search is available at no additional cost with Unlimited, Enterprise, Performance, and Professional Editions.
  • You’ll need to create an Einstein Search permission set license and assign the permission set to users.

How to turn on Einstein Search

Just go to Setup, enter Einstein Search in the Quick Find box, then choose Enable Einstein Search. Select Turn on Personalization (Beta) and click Save.

So, go ahead and enable Einstein Search and don’t forget to tell your users about it.


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