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The Power of Einstein Voice

The Power of Einstein Voice
February 17, 2020 Athira Ramadas

The Power of Einstein Voice

Do you talk to Alexa or Google Assistant, first thing in the morning, before anyone else? Well, it’s the digital era after all. Anything under the sun is now accessible at our fingertips in just a single voice command.

Cloud-hosted databases now allow for rapid detection of commands and comments in conversational language. If we could use the power of these sounds in our work, it would be fascinating.

Salesforce fulfils this need with Einstein Voice assistant.

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Einstein Voice is a voice UI (VUI) that utilizes normal language handling (NLP), voice acknowledgment and computerized reasoning (AI) to decipher and perform basic administrative tasks for Salesforce customers. You could picture it like this: A genius is taking the complex and making it simple for you. Salesforce Einstein is to help remove the complexity of AI, thus enabling any business to deliver smarter, tailored and more predictive customer experiences.

Having the option to address your gadget makes performing multiple tasks simpler and you get the results quicker. Generally speaking, it makes your every day tasks much simpler.

The Einstein Voice Assistant:

  • Is available through the Salesforce portable application
  • Conveys customized day by day briefings of key salesforce measurements.
  • Finishes voice-activated salesforce database queries in real time.
  • Is customizable to every individual clients.
  • Can be educated to perceive organization language.
  • Can help to set Reminders.
  • Requires no external code.

If you are a person who is connected with Salesforce through Einstein Voice Assistant, there are several benefits!

  1. Update Salesforce conversationally.

With the Salesforce Einstein voice assistant, you can now verbally log your notes through the mobile application. Einstein brilliantly predicts what data to log, what records to connect it with, what changes to make, and what subsequent meet-ups to allocate. With such a basic information input process, you can spare such a lot of time.

  1. Build Custom Voice Apps for Any Business Process.

Using Einstein Voice Skills, you can now create custom voice-powered apps that can replace any manual data entry or manual Salesforce navigation that may affect or slow down productivity. With the help of Einstein voice, Salesforce developers and admins can build custom skills for any CRM action—such as updating a field, creating a task or reading out a prediction—and select the Salesforce fields or objects that inform each action. A customer can also find, filter, and create dashboards with his own voice.

Sounds exciting? 

Einstein Voice is a distinct advantage of Salesforce and will help to empower admins and developers by a long way. Data entry gets simpler and faster, thus enabling users to enter much more information into Salesforce. Also users can make updates from anywhere in the world, which means they can update Salesforce with the information they received, while it’s still fresh in their minds.

So, using Einstein Voice Skills, you will be able to replace any manual data entry or manual Salesforce navigation, thus increasing the productivity by a large extend for companies. You can also work on creating custom voice-powered apps to reimagine workflows and processes very quickly. Starting from an easy set-up page, developers and admins will be able to build custom skills for any CRM action with the help of this amazing technology.


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How soon will this powerful option be available?

Einstein Voice Assistant and Einstein Voice Skills is going to be available in a beta version by February 2020 and is expected to be generally available by 2021.

Einstein Call Coaching however is already in the pilot phase and is predicted to be generally available by June 2020.

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