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Salesforce CRM and Dynamics 365 – A Comparison

Salesforce CRM and Dynamics 365 – A Comparison
February 13, 2020 Rahul Ramakrishnan

Salesforce CRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 - A Comparison

Salesforce and Dynamics 365 are the two leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cloud based services currently available in the market. Both of them provides sales, marketing, and customer service options with some really robust features and capabilities.

It is important to choose the right CRM system for your business. How to choose will require a clear understanding of what each package offers out-of-the-box and an understanding of the additional add-ons, customizations, and integrations to existing business systems and processes for future scalability.

When the out-of-the-box software isn’t enough, there are a spread of application add-ons that are available for both Salesforce and Microsoft, to scale your CRM sales automation, marketing, and customer service functionality.

CRM features are difficult to match across different solutions. Choosing the right CRM is very important, but not as easy as you think. This blog will give you a clear idea about the different features and specialities of both these CRMs, based on the similarities and differences.

Once you make a tour through this blog, you will get a better idea about which CRM you should choose for your business.

Major Differences between Salesforce and Dynamics 365

1) User Experience

In the case of user experience, Salesforce uses the combination of a simple user interface and application utility. It has a fully customizable and well-defined UI. That gives us an additional functionality to apply extra style sheets and JS codes. But in the case of Dynamics365, it is still improving over the years and now delivers better interface compared with the past.

2) Scalability

Salesforce covers everything that you need to connect your business with; sales, service, marketing, commerce, communities, and platform. Salesforce has customizable solutions for your business. If you can dream it, it can surely be built (if it hasn’t already!) within the Salesforce Platform. Though Microsoft Dynamics does offer similar solutions, they don’t really scale as effectively as Salesforce’s robust solution set.

3) Marketing

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is very mature and allows marketing managers to manage campaigns and relationships with customers to improve their business perspectives. Though Microsoft has acquired a special software Market Pilot with subsequent rationalization and introduced MDM (Microsoft Dynamics Marketing) which is still in a growing phase.

4) App Advantage

The Salesforce AppExchange, has over 3,500 apps that can be used to customize and enhance your Salesforce platform so as to suit your business needs. The best thing is as you evolve, your Salesforce will evolve with you. In comparison, Dynamics 365 now has just under 1,000 apps.

5) Artificial Intelligence

Salesforce’s Artificial Intelligence solution, Einstein, can help you with automated workflows, timely recommendations, and adaptive application resources. It definitely outsmarts Microsoft’s AI to give your business a competitive advantage.

6) Customer Service

Salesforce manages its customer orientation in-house, and is well-known for its customer-centric attitude. Trailhead, the education network for Salesforce users, is often mentioned as one of the company’s most noteworthy assets. Salesforce offers lots of phone support based on the various free structures. With Dynamics 365, getting the right support really means picking the right Microsoft partner.

The chart below shows side by side comparison of the features of Salesforce and Dynamics 365.


Choosing a CRM system requires tons of thoughts, research, and weighing of pros and cons. Your decision should support the business system you have already got in your organization. Choosing the right CRM will help to increase the revenue, productivity, efficiency, and profitability of your business. The above comparison should help you make the right choice.

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