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How to: Send A Salesforce Survey to Contacts

How to: Send A Salesforce Survey to Contacts
February 3, 2020 Akhil R. Nath

How to : Send A Salesforce Survey to Contacts

This blog will explain how to send a Salesforce Survey to your contacts.

Suppose your client has a requirement where they want to send a survey to a Case contact when the case is closed. Here are the steps you should follow.

First of all, create your Salesforce Survey“. To know how to create a Salesforce Survey, click here. See the example snapshot as below:

Now follow these steps to create a process under Case Object

  1. Click “Settings” button and then select “Setup“.
  2. In the Quick Find Box, enter “Process Builder“.
  3. Click “Process Builder“.
  4. Now click, “New“.
  5. Name the process as: “Send Email Survey When Case is Closed“.
  6. Scroll down and enter a description of what the process is intended for.
  7. Under “The process starts when“, choose “When a record changes“.
  8. Click “Save“.
  9. Click “Add Object“.
  10. Select “Case” as the object from the drop down list.
  11. Choose the option that process should start “when a process is created or edited.
  12. Click “Save“.

Next follow these steps to “Add a Criteria”.

  1. Click “Add Criteria“.
  2. Name the Criteria as “Case Survey Criteria”.
  3. Set the following condition:
    • For “Criteria for Executing Actions“, choose”Conditions are Met“.
    • Under the “Set Conditions” Section, select the following conditions:-
      – Field: Status
      – Operator :Equals
      – Type: Picklist
      – Value: Closed
  4. Click “Save“.

Next we need to “Add an Action” that triggers the “Survey Invitation”.

  1. Click “Add Action“.
  2. For “Action Type“, select “Send Survey Invitation“.
  3. Name the Action as “Survey Action”.
  4. Under Survey, select the survey you want to send from the drop down list.
  5. For Email Content, select “Survey Link” from the drop down list.
  6. For Email Template, choose “Embed_a_Survey_Link“.
  7. Under “Recipient Type“, select the following:
    • Recipient Type: Contact
    • Recipient Case: ContactId
  8. Choose “Anonymize Responses“.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click Activate.

The image above shows how the process will look like.

After a Case is Closed, an Email Invitation will be sent to the Contact.

The invitation and response records will be seen under the “Survey Invitations and Responses” list under the related tab of “Case Object“.

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