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How to: Send Custom Notifications Using Process Builder

How to: Send Custom Notifications Using Process Builder
December 9, 2019 Athira Ramadas

How to: Send Custom Notifications Using Process Builder

Click “New” to create a new notification.

Give a NAME for your notification and you can also define where you need to show the notification – Desktop or Mobile.

Once you have created the Notification Type, you are now ready to create a process that uses it.

So let’s create an opportunity notification and a process builder here.

Process Builder

In this example, I created the process builder and defined an object as Opportunity, when the record is created or edited it will fire. I just checked the criteria as whenever the opportunity stage is ‘Closed Won’.

  • Select the action type as ‘Send Custom Notification’.
  • Select the notification type you created in notification types.
  • Select the Notification Recipient such as User, Owner, Group, and Queue.

Now you must define the notification title and the notification body.

You have just successfully completed the process creation now. This is now ready for testing.

To test the process just close any opportunity which has its stage selected as ‘Closed Won’.

Result: So, we have created a custom notification! Isn’t it so simple?

You might have noticed this is almost similar to “Email Alert” in Work Flow Rules. However, the difference is that custom notifications are more convenient as we do not have to open our email to see the messages. So custom notifications gives us prompt results.

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