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How To – Create a Guided Action in Salesforce Lightning

How To – Create a Guided Action in Salesforce Lightning
July 1, 2019 Paul Thomas
How To – Create a Guided Action in Salesforce Lightning

This blog will cover how to create a Guided Action that will help the user manage the Lead Contact process.

For this, first we have to create a flow using the flow builder. This flow will be executed with help of a process, created using a process builder. The video will also illustrate the process step by step.

  • Drag GET RECORDS to the canvas (Flow Builder) to obtain the ID of the created lead.
  • Update the necessary fields according to the requirement in UPDATE RECORDS.
  • Take down necessary notes and store it using CREATE RECORDS.
  • Give screens with sufficient information to guide the user.
  • Now create a process to execute this Guided Action.
  • Give the necessary criteria.  And in the immediate action give, ‘Create Records’.  Select ‘Record Action’ as Record Type. Select the flow we created above as action and input other details related to it.
  • Activate the process.

Please note: The Global Actions component in the Lightning page builder has been changed to ‘Actions and Recommendations’ in the new version.

You can go to edit page in the Record Detail page and drag this component on to the canvas to display the guided actions.

The Guided action will appear automatically in the Record detail page, once the process is triggered according to the condition we gave. The user just has to navigate through the flow according to the on screen instructions we gave using SCREEN in the flow.

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