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Salesforce Summer ‘19 Release Features

Salesforce Summer ‘19 Release Features
June 25, 2019 Akhil R. Nath

The Summer ‘19 Salesforce release has some great features that can increase productivity and enhance your lightning experience. This blog lists a few of these really useful new features.

1. You can now access Lightning Experience from Safari on iPad Devices (Beta)

Your users can now run full desktop version of the lightning experience on their iPad devices. So, they don’t have to worry about being away from their desktop or laptop.

How to access: Click Setup. Now enter the Lightning Experience through the Quick Find box. Now choose Lightning Experience on iPad Browsers (Beta). This is how it will look like.

  1. The Lightning Dialer For Essentials

You can now consolidate all your company’s phone calls to one number and integrate your third-party apps with Salesforce. This way you can ensure that the incoming calls get rightly connected to someone on your team.

How to access: Navigate to the lightning dialler and manage your subscription. Select both Inbound and Outbound calls.

You can customize the phone number for receiving calls.

When you are ready to take calls, you can change the settings to “Available”.

You can log notes while you are on a call, create a new case or task and add a new contact. Now you can be even more responsible to prospects and customers.

  1. Assign Custom Colors to Hyperlinks

Now, get the complete look and feel of your company’s theme and branding in Lightning Experience by defining a custom hyperlink color.

How: Click Setup. Enter “Themes and Branding” in the Quick Find box. Now select Themes and Branding. Choose “Update an existing custom theme” or “Create a new one”. For Link Color, select “Use brand color”.

  1. Unlock Packaging Enhancements

There are several new features with Unlocked Packaging in the summer release ’19. The first of this, you will be able to see in the package install UI.

How: Unlock Page Installs now contains an “Advanced Options” accordion, From here, you will be able to access two new features.

  1. Apex Compile Mode

Allows to choose the scale of compilation done during the package install. You can either

    1. Choose to compile all the apex code in the org. (the default option)
    2. Or you can choose to compile just the apex code in the package.

2. Package Upgrade Mode.

This defines the behaviour of the components that have been removed in the package you are upgrading to.

By default, Install operates in the Mixed Mode. This mode deletes some components and deprecates others to preserve data. Now with the new feature, you will be allowed to delete more components or deprecate more depending on your requirements.

Also, the development of unlocked packages with namespaces just got easier.

You will now be able to view source code for installed apex classes, apex triggers and visual force components. This includes apex debug logs in most cases.

These enhancements help everything run seamlessly on Salesforce.

  1. Now you can view records using full view (Beta)

There are two record page view default options.

You can choose between the current view—now called Grouped view—and the new Full view. Full view will display all details and related lists on the same page. When transitioning to Lightning Experience, this view is similar to Salesforce Classic.

If you turn on Lightning Experience after Summer ’19, these settings can be configured in the Lightning Experience Transition Assistant before you enable Lightning Experience. There is also an option in Setup after you have enabled the Lightning Experience. In Setup, enter Record Page Settings in the Quick Find box, and select Record Page Settings.

There’s so much more to the latest Summer ’19 release of Salesforce. I have filtered just a few that I feel would be useful enhancements for several businesses. Do share your opinions in the comments.


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